Gregor Servais (1972) is een Nederlandse fotograaf gespecialiseerd in portretten. Hij fotografeert voor  bladen en bedrijven. Ministers komen voor zijn lens, maar ook acteurs en schrijvers. Het is werken onder druk. Als hij even iets anders wil, gaat hij met zijn pinhole-camera naar het strand. (uit interview in ND)


Dutch travel/portrait photographer Gregor Servais describes himself as a melancholic dreamer. One look to his overcast seascapes and you’ll understand why — they’re depressively beautiful. He also likes improvising every portrait he takes. From the commissioned shoots, handed down from plush magazines like Esquire, to his own personal portraits taken from around the world. He enjoys pressuring himself to capture something beautiful at a moment’s notice.

 And although several of his portraits do reveal his melancholic tendencies, none seem lacking of polish or organization. They seem as planned as any of the best I’ve seen. That being said, there is something altogether unique about them. Something that could only be found in that improvisational fashion: many of Servais’ portraits are funny, albeit in a dark sort of way"

text: Freddy Martinez

Gregor Servais is working as a professional photographer since 1998.

Studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, graduated in 1998.


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The Hague, The Netherlands

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