Nepal on Fuji Instax

Originally posted on 11/05/2014

Fuji Neo Classic Instax

I love to travel and meet people and I love to take portraits when I travel. On other trips I would often write down name and address of people whose portrait I took in order to send them their portrait later after I got home and had my films developed or files edited.

But I would never know if my portraits would reach that small village in Burma or The Philippines or whichever country I had visited.

But this trip I figured I would try to find a solution for that. First I wanted to bring a small printer but when I saw how bulky it was I decided against that. I needed something small and convenient, something that wouldn’t need a power plug and something that I could carry around easily.

And then I came across Fuji’s Instax Neo Classic. It fit the bill perfectly! Small, light and easy to use. Just push the button and it spits out a credit card sized photo.
Wait 2 minutes or so, and the image appears. Great stuff!

So I took it Nepal where I did a trekking in Dolpo region. When ever I wanted to take somebodies portrait I would give a Instax photo in return. And people loved it. In two weeks time I gave away close to a 100 Instax photos. Below are a few of them that I photographed.