Janine Jansen

Originally posted on 22/10/2013

Last august I had the pleasure of photographing world famous violin player Janine Jansen for the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands.

Below are some photos from that session.

As usual I was present during the interview (Journalist Eva Jinek) in order to hopefully get a lead on how the photos could match the interview. Before the shoot I had wondered on what to do with the violin. What could I do with the violin without getting too much a cliché photo of a violin player. That all turned out unnecessary since Janine understandably didn’t bring her very expensive Stradivarius to a day of interviews.

Anyway, during the interview I kind of got the impression that Janine was very happy to be seen as the girl next door. Famous, very talented, but still very normal.

So I decided to keep the photos natural. The interview took place in an hotel in Utrecht and with the last daylight I opted for a plain white wall outside in the garden.

I used one fill in flash softened by a white flash-trough umbrella coming from the front right. (quantum flash T5d)

Janine Jansen