How Marijke helwegen and I got in the newspaper like this

Originally posted on 11/03/2013


Below my photo of Marijke Helwegen that appeared in the newspaper two weeks ago.

Marijke Helwegen

I admit it is a bit of a weird photo and what follows is an explanation of how it came in the newspaper like this.

Marijke Helwegen is known in the Netherlands for her work as a spokesperson for the cosmetic surgery industry. She is also a well-known socialite, she loves animals and animals love her. And best of all, she loves being photographed.

The set up with the photos that I make for “Eva Jinek neemt stelling” (weekeinde, de Telegraaf) is that I’m present when the interview is taking place, listening and hopefully hearing something that brings me onto an idea. The photos are always improvised on the spot.

The goal is to get a photo that surprises, is catchy, spontaneous, different.

Gregor Servais Fotografie

We made a lot of photos like the one below here but I knew it there was too little going on for it to be catchy enough. I really had trouble with coming up with something in this setting that would give me what I needed. Marijke however was quite happy with it. She really liked the setting of the Amstel hotel as a background and charmingly steered away from all my small suggestions.

Marijke Helwegen

So when we were finished I said “Marijke let’s do one last thing, something funny, a joke”.

And we started to make some last photos in the mirror. I had no idea were she got the flowers from but I liked it. (She later told me she had taken them from a vase in the hotel lobby.)

Marijke Helwegen.jpg

The editors at the newspaper immediately choose this photo.

Photographed for deTelegraaf, with Nikon D800 and Quantum portable flash