More Photos from Myanmar

It took me some time, but here are finally some more photos from my trip to Burma last December/January.

Usually when I travel I take a “snapshot camera” and my old Rolleiflex twin eye camera.The rolleiflex-photos will even be more delayed. I seem to have a problem with my scanner, an Epson 4990 and I haven’t figured out yet if it is a software failure or hardware…

So all photos below, made with an Fuji X-e1 and edited in Photoshop raw 7.4 with the VSCO filmpack 03 pre-sets.


More travel photography here:

All photo’s here and elsewhere on this website: copyright Gregor Servais

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7 thoughts on “More Photos from Myanmar

  1. I love this piece of work of yours, Gregor! Light has a magical effect difficult to describe in words..

  2. Wow. Fantastic images! I really love the vintage touch here. Do you have some special favorite preset in VSCO Film 03?

  3. Hi Jonne,
    Thanks for your comment!

    Every photo reacts different to a certain preset, so it is wise to play around a bit. When I re-open the photo’s now in adobe raw converter I can’t see anymore what pre-set I used. (that would be a nice software improvement)
    In general I like the px680, px70 and the polaroid 669 presets.

    kind regards,

  4. Amazing work!
    VSCO really adds to that Myanmar feel.
    Can’t wait for the Rolleiflex ones!

    It was very nice meeting you in Myanmar (We met between Hsipaw and Namhsan). Would have loved to talk to you more, you are a very interesting person and you have the best photographers eye!

    Did you like the Fuji X-e1? I remember you telling me that you just had it.

  5. Hi Raf,
    Nice to hear from you! Some really great photos on your blog!!! Really nice!!!

    The Fuji is good, but not excellent. Autofocus should be better.


  6. Thank you so much for the motivation and inspiration!!
    Really means a lot to me.

    I guess there’s not one mirrorless camera without flaws.
    Better invest in more lenses for my DLSR… :)



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